The t-shirt and jeans are just regular store-bought clothing but the shoes, hat and jacket clearly aren’t. The hat is an officially licenced replica made by Diamond Back and was purchased at Weston-super-Mare comic con in 2016. The shoes are replica Nike Air Mags which have been modified by me further to include glowing Nike logo and a more pointed toe box. Future modifications will include moving the switch to the ankle pads and replacing the LEDs in the sole with electroluminescent (EL) sheets. Autolacing will have to wait for when we really ARE in the future. The jacket is a replica produced by and imported from America, it is made from a waffle type material with faux leather arms and pockets. It include buttons for “drying mode” and “resizing” using the audio from the original movie, but sadly this is just for show.

I made the hoverboard from cut and glued MDF (for the bend) which was then sanded and painted pink before being glossed with acrylic lacquer. The detail on the underside of the board was built up from layers of reconstituted thin wood each painted the relevant colour (black/red/silver). The design of the board is a replica of the Mattel hoverboard from the movie which was printed on vinyl and stuck to the board.

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