Something good or something bad, or a bit of both?

I actually started putting this costume together after the Weston-super-Mare Comic Con in 2016 after I saw someone else’s costume attempt.

I began with mostly off the shelf stuff such as a burgundy leather jacket, black workman’s trousers and a bright orange Nerf gun.

Over the last year however I have put in extensive work in making it look at good as possible.

My new “Vol2” style jacket is not an exact replica but it’s a good quality jacket which I’m quite happy with. A custom made screen accurate jacket is on my wish list but so far out of my price bracket. Feel free to donate via PayPal to help me improve this costume even more.

The new trousers I wear were originally white which were dyed red first and then brown to give a rich burgundy brown colour. Custom made “pants” are also on my wishlist but I’m pleased with these so far. The holsters are attached to a hidden belt and are made of brown leather from an old sofa. The black plastic clips are cast from resin and contain magnets to help the blasters stay attached securely.

The quad blaster originally began life as a Nerf gun. It has been stripped down to remove the compressed air elements and some 3D printed parts have replaced the barrels. A simple LED circuit was put into the gun which is activated by the top trigger. It was then painted to match the look in the films.

I still have some work to do to make a second gun (hopefully with sound effects too).

I made the boot covers from faux leather in my own design based off some reference pictures from GotG Vol2. They are made from several cut layers of material stitched and glued together with curved snap fasteners on the straps. The front is made from brown faux leatherette. The actual boots themselves are the same as my BSG costume.

My belt is for decoration (my trousers and holsters are held up by a real one hidden underneath) and is a similar design to the one from the first movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. At some point I plan to re-make this from scratch to match the Vol2 film which has a slightly different design and buckle.

The tape player is a genuine Sony TPS-L2 Walkman from the early 80s. I have refurbished the cassette player with new drive belts and lubricant. The headphones are just a cheap pair of on-ear headphones with orange pads which I modified with some black tape and silver rub n’buff to get a closer match to the movie. I have a spare chassis from this walkman if anyone is interested in purchasing this, perhaps to replace a busted one you have or maybe to 3D print the rest of the bits then get in touch.

I have a Brown Microsoft Zune 30GB which I replaced the battery and click-wheel circuitry to get it back into working order again. It contains the soundtracks Awesome Mix Vol1 and Vol2.

My Rocket Raccoon backback comes from ThinkGeek in America and will be used until such time as I am able to build a replica Aero-Rig. Plus I think he looks quite cute.

My last Star-Lord prop is the Abelisk scanner. It began life as a Year 2000 re-release of the Mattel Electronic Football game from 1977 (which I also have). The inside was completely gutted to make space for a mobile phone to sit inside. A laser cut piece of perspex ensures that the “football field” design stays securely in place. Decorative elements were made using a Dale RH-25 Wire-wound resistor and a brass barrel hinge filed down. The circuit board you can see was some leftover stuff from the original circuitry.