The quad blaster originally began life as a bright orange Nerf gun. It has been stripped down to remove the compressed air elements and some 3D printed parts have replaced the barrels. A simple LED circuit was put into the gun which is activated by the top trigger. It was then painted to match the look in the films.

I still have some work to do to make a second gun (hopefully with sound effects too) and also the gun holsters.

My Star-Lord jacket is burgundy red genuine leather which looks like one of the jackets worn by Peter Quill during GotG Vol1.

The tape player is a genuine Sony TPS-L2 Walkman from the early 80s. I have refurbished the cassette player with new drive belts and lubricant. The headphones are just a cheap pair of on-ear headphones with orange pads which I modified with some black tape and silver rub n’buff to get a closer match to the movie.

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